The Process of Creating Your SUPERHUMANS

The process is designed to activate human potential on all levels – starting with a stable energetic Body, a clearly focused positive Mind, a connecting Heart and an authentic Soul.  Working with and raising all of these levels creates an atmosphere of constant growth, innovation, joy and high productivity. 

We develop individuals and mentors who love their lives and, of course, love what they do.
Our mission is to build real bonds between your employees and your company.


Physical Intelligence. Vitality. Strength. Energy.


Intellectual Intelligence. Positivity. Clarity. Focus.


Emotional Intelligence. Empathy. Empowerment. Trust.


Spritual Intelligence. Harmony. Inspiration. Visionary.

Enable your best talent to train your own mentors and leaders internally. We develop employees at all levels for a sustainable, reliable, and repeatable process.

body set

Body Code

Start with a strong foundation of energy and endurance. Here you will recognize the natural flow of energy and balance in your life through a powerful lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise routine. 

Feel strong and capable of mastering your days full of vibrant energy.

Mind Code

Establish the art of positive and stable thought processes for deep sharpness, stability and clarity.

Become aware of what is going on around you and you are able to guide yourself and others through strong, focused decision-making.

unikind codes mind set

Heart Code

Open your deeper levels of humanity to experience natural connection and be a person of trust, appreciation and gratitude

Discover the uniqueness within yourself so you can see and activate it in other people.

Soul Code

The supreme state of human nature in which we are naturally authentic, enabling leaders. Charismatic personalities who live aninspiring, fulfilling and rich life.

Feel a deep sense of unity and recognize the vision of a great whole.

soul set