True Human Potential. True Human Connection.

Invest in your people instead of hiring new personnel and fighting employee fluctuation.
People whom you support in their personal development will stay with you, grow naturally, perform outstandingly, be innovative, and develop new ideas.
Let them work with winning teams, be super focused, and have an amazingly positive attitude. 

Invest in your Superhumans.

We are building authentic bonds. There is no shortcut. And no need for one. 

To discover and unleash true high potential we need to have the chance tobuild true relationships where we can live our greatness by being with great people.


Path 1: Leader Potential Booster

Is your leadership team currently…

▶ struggling to stay positive and the team environment has turned negative?
▶ handling a disconnected (and resistant) team?
▶ watching the revenue stagnate or even go down?

Six Week Program

This six-week program is designed to transform leaders who are currently faced with team resistance, misalignment, unmotivated employees and stagnating revenues.
We work together with the leadership team on the body, mind, heart and soul codes, and create strong values and a vision for the team. We also work with individual team members to remove blocks and unleash their potential, and bring the team together in an alignment session to bring long-lasting, transformative change to the individual, team, and company.

The levels of leadership and the laws to succeed as a leader. We believe that one of the main functions of a leader is to strengthen the confidence of the people who climb the mountain with him. 

We show you what it takes to be a great leader.

Build brilliance in your competence. We believe that one of the functions of a leader is to strengthen the belief of the people who climb the mountain with him. 

 Focus on communication, structure, sales, empowerment and goal setting.

Without self-confidence nothing great can be achieved.Surely you can have a great vision and delicious goals that will make your and your team’s hearts beat faster.
But if you don’t have the confidence to take the necessary steps to move everything forward and lead by example, all those plans will burst like soap bubbles.

We’ll show you how to be a true leader and motivate your team to perform at their best.

Building unshakable Bonds. We show you how to build real, long-lasting relationships with your employees, team members or colleagues. 

Lead over trust in your people and you will be surprised what they are capable of.

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Path 2: Create Your Mentors

This one-year package is designed to empower your young talent to become internal mentors, enabling them to grow in their leadership roles and be naturally service-oriented.

This approach will strengthen your entire organization for the long term. Your mentors will lead because they want to have an impact, instead of just owning titles.

Mentors Training

The one year Mentors Training process is designed to provide understanding, experience, and time for implementation under guidance for one year.

During this period, we create a strong mentoring team that interacts with your leaders and builds the bridge based on increasing high potential and bonding. 

Within this process, your future mentors will learn the UNIKIND mentoring process and how to implement employee and team empowerment activities.

Learn, how to be a great Mentor.

  • 1 day workshop
  • Online Training Calls every 2 Weeks
  • WhatsApp, Email and Phone Support

Start of the Mentoring Service.

  • 1 day workshop
  • Online Training Calls every 2 Weeks
  • WhatsApp, Email and Phone Support

Understanding Human Interactions.

  • 1 day workshop
  • Online Training Calls every 2 Weeks
  • WhatsApp, Email and Phone Support

Building unshakable Bonds.

  • 1 day workshop
  • Online Training Calls every 2 Weeks
  • WhatsApp, Email and Phone Support
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Path 3: UNIKIND Online Mentoring Program

We are currently developing a transformative (4 weeks) online program that covers all UNIKIND CODES. Coming soon.

Path 4: LUNCH UP

LUNCH UP is a mixture of workshop and lunch to establish learning and growth on an organizational and personal level.

One great thing about LUNCH UP is; it can be flexibly integrated in your everyday work. You don’t have to invest any working hours or your precious free time in the evenings to develop you and your teams. You do not have to travel.
We come to you. We use the time that is meant to come together and relax to develop you quicker, more effective and merging techniques that really suit us humans.

Lunch UP

You can use Lunch Up to strengthen your team, deepen customer relationships, open up fields of competence, generate new contacts and show yourself as innovative and open-minded people. We gather at your place for a meeting from 12-14 over lunch. Through our catering partner we will bring a meal that fits our subject. 

The first hour you experience yourselves in a new way. You’ll understand and try out deeper principles to activate your human technology.
You learn the 5 core aspects of human potential:
energy, youth, mindfulness, inner peace and love in a practical way to integrate them into your lives and to experience true happiness.
In the areas of Nutrition, Lifestyle, Mindset and Connection you will learn a lot of new facts and experience a reprogramming through transformative meditations that bring your consciousness into action.

Eating has always been one of the most wonderful ways to get together. Food opens the heart and allows us to grow together.
We use this to open and deepen our relationships with colleagues, partners and potential clients.
At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that eating is not just about eating, but that it has many effects on us. What we eat is essential, as food is information and accordingly promotes or slows us down. We give you the experience,
to find out more about a specific topic concerning food.
We will show you how your lunch can look like, so that you feel powerful and clear after eating and don’t have to dream of a midday nap.

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Path 5: One-To-One Sessions

In addition to the team programs, it is essential to foster individual talents in your organization to fill gaps, balance critical positions and release individual potential.

This 5 week program is designed to achieve a concrete result that was previously unimaginable for the participants. This can be the transformation of personality, relationships with friends and colleagues, personal growth, self-worth, health and well-being, prosperity and spirituality.
We achieve a profound structural change as we work on beliefs, habits and a deeper understanding of the true self.

One-To-One Sessions

Whether you are a successful expert or entrepreneur, executive, team leader or employee, if you want to increase the capacity of your inherent potential, this is a feasible and life-changing step for you.
This 5 week-program is ideal for you and your employees when you realize that there is so much more to achieve and learn than what you are currently practicing.
Unlike traditional coaching, which only works with consciousness, we mix both conscious and subconscious techniques to create a lasting harmony between what you want and what you think or do.

Define and visualize the results you want to see after the 5 weeks.

By removing blocking factors on a physical and emotional level, your true potential can unfold in your life. You will build understanding of the causes of destructive or stagnant dynasties in order to ensure in depth that you build a lasting drive for growth, fulfillment and success within yourself.

Traditional wisdom and hacks help you to bring your body and mind into a powerful state of energy, concentration and balance. The more they harmonize with each other, the more you can enjoy the process and the results.

In order to gain a deeper understanding of your true nature and to release your true potential, you will discover the beauty of your soul. This will bring you into a whole new league of human potential.