3 Tips on how to get into flow state. And stay there.

Increased Motivation, Effectiveness and Efficiency Through Flow.

We all know this:
Time flies, we master every challenge with as little effort as ever, everything flows the way we want it to and we achieve one goal after another.
And then: Boom.
A dramatic, negative event brings us back down to earth and throws us off course for weeks or even months.

Suddenly we begin to ask ourselves probing questions: Was it really me who performed so brilliantly? Was I just lucky? What was going on with me? How could I achieve this?
The answer is simple: Yes, it was you. and no. You weren’t just lucky. You were in the flow.

Flow is a heightened state of mind in which the ability to concentrate as well as mental and physical performance increases enormously. In flow we can completely immerse ourselves in an activity.

Almost all of us have experienced this feeling at least once.
Be it on the sports field, during a walk in nature, during a stimulating discussion, an exciting book or during our work.
There are countless theories and many different ways to reach the flow state. I would like to show you the three techniques with which I make the best experiences.

Here are 3 easy to use techniques:

#1 Set clear & smart Goals

Reward your achievements and visualize them every day, no matter how small they seem to you at that moment. The dopamine release you get from constantly completing tasks helps you to master one challenge after another.
As you successfully check off, your motivation increases exponentially and you get into a flow.

#2 Have an Intrinsic Motivation

When you are working towards your own goals (and not someone else’s), you feel intrinsic motivation.
Whatever the task at hand, find a reason why you should complete the task as quickly as possible and put yourself in the position to feel that you have accomplished it.
Intrinsic personalities look for challenging activities with subjectively high rewards.
In this way you can use the full potential of your mind and stay focused on your goals.

#3 Get into Action!

Nothing is more detrimental to the flow than sitting around thinking everything through. Make a plan how to reach the goal you have set yourself and then get going!

„Having lost sight of our goalswe redouble our efforts.“ Mark Twain

If you are looking for support for you and your team to find out how you can get into flow regularly and over a long period of time, contact us today!