Boost your Immunity, stay positive and focused in times of Corona! 8 Hacks!

Yah true, everyone is talking about Corona and everyone has something smart to say. That’s why we want want to give you a collection of the most effective tools to strengthen your body, to calm your mind and stay connected with the people around you, especially when the world tells you everyone can be a danger to you. 

The pandemic has lead to many people not only being physically affected but mental health issues such as having anxiety and panic attacks. Right now we are under stressors attacks like Viruses, Corona is only one of them, the constant flow of scary news, stress at work or insecurity of loosing clients or our jobs, emotional stress like feeling alone or not understood, unhealthy food and lifestyle,  are a big challenge for our Immunity Strength. The way we are dealing mentally and emotionally with this situation will have enormous  affect on our health.

vegetables, broccoli, diet
Nutrition is essential for your health

So how we strengthen our Immunity? Immunity is the essence of what we eat, drink, do, think, feel, act and how we are living our lives. There is a direct correlation, which is described in holistic wisdom traditions and in the new paradigm of functional medicine. 

In such a period its even more necessary to stay healthy, focused, positive and connected.  Because these factors will guarantee you the biggest protection and will navigate you to be balanced, stable and happy. 

If you get emotionally invested in the way the world is dealing with Corona, you will shut down your immunity. Science found out that five minutes of fear or anger is setting off your immune system for 6 hours. So thats not what we want right?

Thats, why we collected the 8 most effective hacks for you to boost your immunity.

#1 Have a great Lifestyle and Diet

Have an empowering morning routine to set a strong foundation for your day: Mediation, visualisation, breathing, light exercise, morning walks, journaling, being grateful, getting the rays of the rising sun. All these rituals boost your immunity in the morning. 

Have a light and nourishing breakfast like porridge, smoothies or seed bread with avocado.  

Avoid dairy, gluten and fast food as much as possible.

Eat more fresh veggies, legumes like mung beans, hummus and lentils, raw cakes, quinoa bowls, soups and phos, curries and rice noodles. 

Eat light warm dinners like soups, currys, dhals and bowls.

Get fresh air, in nature, sunlight  and breathe through your nose. This gives you natural strength for your gut bacterias and brings a lot of immunity strength.

Drink one litre of hot ginger water (some slices of fresh ginger or 1/4 tsp of Ginger water) till lunch. 

Reduce alcohol, drugs and white sugar, best to zero.

Make sure to get sound sleep. Melatonin is an immune boosting factor. Sleep before 12am and stay away from digital devices 3 hours before. The blue light in screens is killing your sleep. 

#2 Alway Stay Positive

And fill yourself with inspirations and great company. Meet people with a positive attitude and stay away from complainers and scary confusing news. We are in a crisis. Thats a fact. The meaning we are giving to it, is our choice. We can also see new opportunities to grow, to experience new dynamics, to help where we never thought we could, to be creative and inventive. It’s the time to cultivate hope, faith, trust, vision and clarity.

#3 Start and expand Meditation & Visualization

Studies are showing a strong correlation between brain states, heart coherence and a state of health. To stay in Alpha, Theta and Delta brain waves is an immune booster. You are calming down your mind, opening your heart power and release the immense source of self healing power within. Best are gratitude, compassion, heart opening meditations, which help you to fill with love, trust and connection.

6-Phase Meditation by Mindvalley : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oeQfRtiY-ZM
Heart Mediation by Suyogi Gessner: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ik2gHuSA0Ig
Immune Booster Hypnosis by Pooja Lankers: http://pooja-lankers.com
Visualize yourself in a healthy happy state. http://pooja-lankers.com

#4 Great Immunity Home Remedy

This recipe comes from the treasures Ancient Secret Tradition and is proven since thousands of years. 

Take the peel of one pomegranate, wash it and cut it into pieces. Cook it with two glasses of spring water till its reduced to 1/4. Add 1 tsp of turmeric powder and a pinch of black pepper. Fill it in a thermo and sip it throughout the day.

#5 Breathe

Breath is one of the miracles we humans do. To do it consciously has a huge effect on our immunity. 

Wim Hof`s method is a great to stay vital and fit and boost your immunity and keep your respiratory tract strong. Check it out on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzCaZQqAs9I 
Breathe deeply through your nose, mouth closed, and use a natural immunity boost. The nitrooxid which is produced in the sinuses is a powerful immune booster. 

#6 Powerful Superfoods

Take natural VITAMIN C like Acai, Amla or Acerola and VITAMIN D3.
Eat 1 tsp of roasted Fennel Seeds after your meal or get the booster to keep your digestive fire strong. 
As soon as you feel a cold or show symptoms. Go on a one day Ginger water fast and keep your body warm and light to activate your self healing power. 

#7 Stay Connected

Even if you are in Homeoffice or avoiding physical contact – stay connected from your heart.  Remember with a warm feeling the people in your life, call them, make video calls, meet for a walk in nature and be there for people. Especially in these challenging times.

#8 Think About Giving

What is your contribution to the situation. Look around you where you can help, empower, support and be an inspiration.
Keep the hacks up and stay happy, curious, inspiring, discovering and healthy in all times!