Our Mission


We are creating a worldwide revolution in the way that we work with people which is dedicated to the greatness of human beings.

Meet The Team

Our founding team is a strong combination of competence, experience and great enthusiasm.

With us, you will find a network of trainers, mentors, hackers, meditators and healers that bring out the best in your superhumans.

Pooja Lankers Unikind Codes

Pooja S. Lankers

  • Certified Transformational Coach
  • Mentor and Happiness Coach
  • Serial Entrepreneur 
  • Lifestyle Pro
  • Author

Johanna Eckart

  • Connecting People as Freelance & Interim Recruiter
  • Workshop Facilitator
  • Content & Video Creator
  • Consultant for Female Leaders & Founders
Johanna Eckart Profile
Tim Woitinek

Tim Woitinek

  • Double Certified Business-Trainer for Sales, Recruiting & Start-Ups
  • Experienced CEO & Entrepreneur
  • Senior Project Manager
  • Sales Expert